Checklist For Fall Home Maintenance

As the winter season is about to approach, it is important that you take care of your house, check what it needs, and look for any possible repairs or maintenances that it requires. Because once the weather starts getting colder, you’d be stuck in your cosy bed all day with a mug of warm coffee. You might not be quite ready for winter, but you can’t stop it. So instead of delaying your home’s maintenance for another few months, take out some time from the last few weeks of the warm weather and dedicate if to your house. Here is the checklist for fall home maintenance.

  1. Check for paint peels: It is important to check for peeling paints in the exterior walls, especially if you lie in a house constructed with a wooden frame instead of a concrete one. When the paint starts to peel off on the outside, it means that the current paintjob is no longer to protect the layer that lies beneath the paint. Ignoring it and leaving the internal structure of the building exposed can cause further damage which will eventually lead to very expensive repairs in the times to come.image1
  2. Clean all the gutters: With so many fallen leaves, and probably some compost, soil, or fertilizers as well, the gutters tend to get blocked. Any gutters and downspouts you have should be flushed down with water at high pressure so that everything goes down the drain. Thoroughly inspect them and check for any brackets or joints that require any repair or mending. Clogged gutters lead to ice dams in the winters, so you might want to install the new gutters with already installed leaf guards.image2
  3. Caulk your windows: Window frames sometimes have minute gaps at those places where they meet the walls. Although those gaps are very tiny, but they play a major role in extreme weathers. Well, they’re large enough for the heat to escape outside into the natural environment in just a matter of time! Furthermore, if water gets into those openings, it could result in cracks as well as mould and fungi build-up.image3
  4. Inspect your roof: You have to be sure that your roof is in very good shape, since it is your very first line of defence against the harshness of winter that includes rain, ice, and snow, which get even more violent when combined with gust and storms. Instead of neglecting your roof thinking that it’s fine, climb up once and inspect it thoroughly.image4
  5. Prepare the heating mechanisms: You might have a built-in heating system, but are you sure that it functions perfectly? If you’re not confident, run it once and check all the internal and external units to look for any potential glitches. Moreover, your fireplace should also be checked to see if it is in working order.image5
  6. Seal your driveway: Leaving the cracks on your driveway exposed during the winter means allowing the formation of more cracks. Inspect your driveway and see if it needs any repairs. If it does, clean it up, repair the damages with driveway filler, and then coat it with a reliable commercial sealer. This will increase the life of your asphalt.image6

This was the checklist for fall home maintenance. Once everything is maintained, not only will it provide greater efficiency in functioning, but it will also last longer!

Author Bio

Julian Sean is working with a furniture supply company as a Marketing Supervisor. She is doing MBA and wants to pursue her career in marketing and brand management. She also has a flair for writing and writes in magazines and on different domains and provides amazing home design tips and ideas.