All you need to know about most energy efficient hydronic heating system

I am here with a blog on the recently popular form of heating system, hydronic radiant heating system. With a bundle of benefits, this system is increasingly used by many families owing to its comfort and energy efficiency. Being in the field of home improvement, I find this to be a viable option for the existing homes to renovate without much cumbersome procedure.

What is hydronic heating?

I would start this blog with a simple description of the concept of hydronic heating. Tubes are placed beneath the floorings and hot liquid is passed through them. In some cases the tube may also be passed through the radiators. So, the inmates of the house will feel the warmth very quickly as the heating liquid runs through the entire home flooring.

As the floors are heated so the heat is radiated from the ground levels and so one can experience even temperature all through the house. The liquid first gets the required temperature in a boiler and then it is passed through the pipes and is connected to the thermostat which helps in controlling the temperature. The heating process happens in three steps namely:

  • Conduction
  • Convection
  • Radiation

Benefits of hydronic heating system

Having understood the working of this innovative and effective heating system, I would like to bring to your notice the very many benefits associated with this system of heating.

Comfortable heating

This is totally guaranteed with hydronic system and that become the major element for its widespread popularity. Comfort is provided through

Multi-level temperature setting helps in maintaining different temperature in different rooms

Floors are warm and so you can step your feet with no fear of chill tiles

Humidity is balanced and so there will not be any issue of your home getting dry.

Silent worker since the system does not emit any kind of noise

Healthier home

If you have people who are allergic to dust and allergens then I would recommend this system of heating. Under the traditional heating process, the air is blown around the home and so it disturbs the allergen. When the allergens are suspended in the air and frequent filters are not changed then it creates asthma and other respiratory problems. All this can be avoided through the radiant hydronic heating system. Since there is no air blown and only hot liquid is running under the floors these can be a wiser choice for greener and healthier home.

Energy efficiency

Consumption of energy is reduced considerably. Besides, the basic process involved in hydronic system makes it energy efficient too. The reason behind this is that as compared to air, water is a better conductor of heat.  So, it can be understood that water will be able to effectively transfer heat across the rooms and mainatain the warmth of the interiors of the home in an efficient manner. Also, unlike the traditional heating system which requires a complete insulation of the nooks and corners the hydronic is not affected by such leaks. The simple reason is due to the liquid that is causing heat and not air.

Easy installation

The user friendly and cost effective installation makes it a preferred option especially for old home. Traditional system requires excessive pre work like ducts to be placed, chases and so on which may even cost a high amount. Besides, such work will reduce the room space and make your rooms look much smaller. There is no cumber some procedure required for hydronic heating system. Piping can be done at ease and it can be placed in walls and perfectly routed all through the rooms of the home.

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