Top 5 Ways to Update Your Conservatory

As is the case with most rooms in your house, there comes a point when they look a little worse for wear and need a little update. With your conservatory it may start looking a little outdated or it could seem that the sun doesn’t gleam in to it the way it once used to. You can choose to completely rejuvenate the room or there can be more subtle changes that also have an effect, whatever your aim, here are 5 tips to give you some ideas.

Add a Few Subtle Touches for a Cosy Feel

The conservatory is seen as an extension to your home and to make sure that this is the case you might want to consider following a similar décor in your conservatory as you have in your living space. For instance, you may want to use the same colour paint that is in your lounge, but choose go for a shade lighter to fit with the outdoor feel that a conservatory offers. Another option can be to get some new cushions or covers for your conservatory furniture, this is can give any room a nice little ‘face lift’ and is a fantastic way to make your conservatory feel cosier.

Bring the Outdoors In

This is a wonderful way to revitalise your conservatory. You can create an outdoor theme within your conservatory by altering the décor, this can be by going with an autumn theme and using pastel colours when choosing paint or wallpaper. Another option is to go with true feel of a garden and put some plants in the corners of the room which can then be teamed with green cushions and a bright white paint to create a bright and natural look.

Liven up Your Windows

A nice subtle touch can be to try change the look of the windows in your conservatory. This doesn’t mean get new windows fitted, it just means that you can add some nice ornaments or small plants on the windowsills. Another option can be to get some new roller blinds fitted that have a nice design on them to update the décor in the room.

Make your Dining Table the Focal Point

Many people have their dining table in their conservatory, so why not choose to make it stand out more? A great way to this is to get a brightly patterned table cloth and team it with some bright coloured dishes. This will instantly grab attention when people walk in to the room and is a quick and easy way to update your conservatory.

Think Cane

When choosing conservatory furniture, many people choose to go with leather as this is a great way to extend the homely feel. However, they fail to consider that cane furniture can also have this same effect as it has a beautifully unique design. There are then the different fabrics and cushions that build on the solid foundation. As this would be quite a big change to your conservatory you should take your time when choosing the colours of the cane and when you are picking the fabric designs. Getting this right can create a timeless look that may not require you to ever have to worry about updating your conservatory ever again!