Home Décor Ideas for Your Dream Home

Home is where the heart is. It’s also where the rest of your sleepy mornings and comforting evenings are spent.  It is where you watch memories being made and moments being lived. Every home tells the story of an individual, a family and the dreams of them all.

The home that has so much attached to it deserves to be nothing but the best. But a home is all bricks and cement unless you pay attention to the house interior design. I believe that planning your home décor deserves as much care and attention as the house hunting process.

Over the year working in residential interior design, I have learned that decor is much more personal and every member of the family should have a say. A home that only caters to aesthetics isn’t much of a home at all.

I always recommend creating a home that is full of life and let’s be honest everyone can do with a little inspiration. So here are some ideas to help you design your dream home. You don’t have to follow them to a tee but use these are a kick starting point to create a home that is perfect for the entire family.

Way to the heart:

1The way to anybody’s heart begins at the kitchen, so make this space your personal heaven because this is where the magic happens. Right from mid night snacks to a space for entertaining guests, the kitchen should have it all.

Install easy to use and maintain furniture and amenities. Other than the essentials, in order to add a zing to it get yourself a portable barbeque set. Enjoy those weekend feasts and family dinners with char grilled veggies and meat complementing those unending conversations. You could also make a permanent barbeque area depending on the amount of space available.

Guilty pleasures:

2Create your personal haven dedicated to the things that people in the house love to do to relax. It could be a wall of books with a gaming console next to it or maybe just a playroom for the kids, make this a room that is designed for fun. Residential interior designers in Mumbai are experts at making a drab old place stand out and inviting.

Use their assistance to design this room in a way that it balances it all and does not look cluttered. A perfectly positioned leisure room could do a lot of good to the mental health of family members and be a personal bonding space.

Love ‘em greens:

If you love the occasional fresh air, then dress up your extended balcony or terrace with a hammock or a swing. Add in your favourite plants and trees to make you happy on a gloomy day. Make it a perfect space for you to relax and your pets or kids to play around.

Run a bath:

Split the bathroom into dry and wet areas. Prepare it for those dull, long days, have a bath tub to reward yourself with a hot bubble bath. Attach a wine or book stand to perfect the tired evenings. You could even step out of the box and install surround sound speaks for an indulgent bath time. Don’t settle for anything less than the best quality of fittings to make this a space that you enjoy spending time in. Who says bath time has to be boring?

Walk in:

3Finding those long lost clothes somewhere in the clutter of your closet would never happen if your closets had just so much more space to play around with. Create a well-lit, walk in closet where none of your clothes and accessories will ever get lost. If your house cannot spare that extra space, consider creating a closet that is deep and ideally floor to ceiling so that you can maximise every inch of available space.