Home theater audio system buying tips

Given the fact that we live both in entertainment and technology era, especially home oriented one, it is customary for any true movie fan to own his or here home cinema equipment. The offer of different systems, suitable for all budget sizes makes the proper choice both easy and hard at the same time since it is sometimes difficult to choose the best option out so many possible combinations. Furthermore, being overcome by this plentitude of different brands and available configurations, people often dedicate most of their time choosing proper screen and players neglecting the audio component of the system, thus significantly lowering the overall quality of performance. To change this, here are some useful tips on how to pick the best home audio theatre system available in the market.

htheatreRoom size

Bigger is not always better, when it comes to audio systems. Basically, what will dictate the choice of speaker systems is the size of your room. It simply makes no sense to install a 7.1 or 9.1 speaker systems in a room that is not large enough accommodate them. Insisting on doing so means having to make compromises when it comes to speaker positioning, which never provides good results. Every particular system needs to be positioned in a prescribed manner in order to achieve the best results and it is always better to go with a smaller system, if room dimensions mean that you will be able to make the best out of it.

Speaker system

As you had seen from the link above, there are several choices you can make, depending on the size of the room and your preferences. There are people who do not prefer surround systems and like their sound to come from a stereo setup, especially if home theater is used for music listening as well. Others prefer to be fully emerged into the atmosphere of the movie by enjoying the latest development of surround systems available. Therefore, both classic stereo setup and  5.1, 7.1 or 9.1 systems have their advantages and as long as you know what you like and take into account the size of your room when choosing, you off to a good start.

Acoustic treatment 

Frequent cinema goers must have noticed uneven surfaced panels on the walls. They are used for acoustic treatment of theaters, that is, improving their sound characteristics. The same principle applies to any home theater settings. Giving them proper acoustic treatment will do wonders for the sound quality of any home theater system. Start with decluttering of the room, especially of those items that stand in the way of your speaker setup. If budget allows it, consider acoustic panels as well, it will be well worth it. Also, they can largely improve the aesthetics of your home theater, making it look like those you used to visit.


Audio receiver is a workhorse of your home theater audio system. It needs to be powerful enough to drive all of your speakers with no effort and distortion. Naturally, it needs to be compatible to your speaker system, that is, to have at least the same number of channels. A 5.1 receiver cannot be used for a 7.1 speaker setup, but it works well the other way around. Each family of receivers has a large number of models to offer, for example AV Clarity home theatre section will certainly keep you occupied for hours before you make your final choice. Take your time, remember, this is the center piece of your entire system and well worth all the time invested.


It may sound strange, but cables, both speaker and power ones play an important role in the sound quality of any audio system. As it is the case with any other component, there are so many different  models that it would take a special study to even remotely explain the differences. It would be best if you consulted vendors on particular types and make sure you do not spend more than 10 percent of the entire system value on cables in total.

As you can see, every component of a  home theater audio system has an important role in the overall sound quality. Therefore, make sure you dedicate equal amount of care and detail to each of them and you will surely be satisfied with the final result.