Smarter Ways to Clear Your Drains

If you notice that the water is not draining as fast it used to after you have finished showering or that a strange smell is coming out of the sink, the answer is probably simple: your drains are clogged. However, while the answer is more than obvious, the solution is not – having clean pipes means that the water can flow uninterruptedly, but this is not easy to achieve. As you have probably already noticed numerous times, leftover hairs and shampoo or detergent will form a blockage and a problem, but do not worry – there are a couple of methods you can use to clear your drains easily and efficiently.

Applying the Wire

Pushing a wire down your sink, bath or toilet does not sound like a good idea at first, but this simple tactics just might do the trick. The point is to get the source of the blockage – also known as the gunk – out of the pipe and not push it further in.3127748931_2761818e3b_z

What you need to do is find a piece of wire long enough to do the job, like a wire hanger you can straighten, but keep the hook. As it is on the top, you should not have a hard time fishing the gunk out, and, after you have done it, throw it away and sip some hot water down the drain. A similar tactic involves an empty plastic bottle, but the one with the wire is simpler.

Direct Action

With more serious pipe problems, wire method will just not be enough, so you have to remove the filth directly from the pipes. With so much water involved in this process, you should either be really experienced and prepared, or just call a professional plumber.

In a recent chat with trusted Hazlet-based plumbers, I learned that this unclogging method is effective and long-lasting, if done properly. Should you decide to tackle it on your own, make sure that you remove everything from the bathroom or kitchen and place several buckets beneath the pipe to collect the spilled water. Of course, before all that, turn off the main water supply, just in case.

Chemicals to the Rescue

The absolutely easiest idea that the majority of people apply is draining the pipes with chemicals and products made specifically for this. They can be found in every store and easy to spot, or you can prepare a homemade solution with baking soda which is just as good.

In order to do the job properly, you have to spill the chemicals in the drain and let it work its magic for some time – two to ten minutes, depending on the product, or the entire night for the baking soda and apple cider mix – and then pour about a liter of boiling water over it. In case of extreme clogging, repeat the procedure twice, and then clean everything with warm water.

The choice of the method you want to use should depend on the state of the problem – for drains that are only partially clogged, some water and wire will be enough, but for those almost completely clogged, more serious solutions have to be applied. If everything else fails, you can always call your handy neighbor or an expert plumber who deals with these sorts of things on a daily basis.

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