The Great British Home: A Tale of Two Dining Rooms

Once the centrepiece of every traditional home, dining rooms in recent years have diminished in popularity due to many factors, city living, lack of space, the favouring of a second living room so settling for a live in kitchen. Whether you have a great deal of space or not, it is healthier to eat together with family or live in flatmates to bond and share good food. It’s healthier again not to be eating in front of the TV. A dining room table could be the key to improving your home life and spending time with the people that you care about once again.

Image 1If contemporary is your style or you are short on space or time, a modern table made from European or American oak will be a great addition to a dining area or kitchen. Think a light natural wood leaving the room feeling airy and fresh. Whether you are having busy family breakfasts or enjoyable fun dinners with friends then a sophisticated cutting edge light wooden table not dissimilar to those that initially became popular in the 1960s and 1970s.

Perhaps traditional is your style though? Darker timbers like mahogany, oak and types of walnut, in luxurious but sturdy tables, handmade and finished by craftsmen. In a larger space, these work well. The veneered timber that most tables have nowadays  with a hard wearing lacquer will leave a sleek finish and additional decorative features like dovetail jointing will last a lifetime. A traditional hand crafted table is worth the investment.  If you have a whole room to fill, many places offer immense choice in matching items such as sideboards and bookcases. Your traditional table will look the part with carefully selected flowers and classic silverware. Every night will be the ideal night for a dinner party.

Image 2George F Knowles, Furniture Shop Liverpool, embodies the mixed principles about dining rooms. A traditional furniture retailer stocking the very best of British crafted furniture. They have over 200 years’ experience of trading experience and are still as relevant as ever, even boasting a service of meritorious service. Still never beaten on price, their huge furniture shop has tons of different styles on over.

Just taking into consideration their selection dining room tables alone, George F Knowles are at the intersection of traditional and modern.  They have over 40 sets on show, ranging in price from £500 -£5000 with contemporary brands such as G plan cabinets proving popular as well as Willis and Gambier for those with traditional taste. Customer favourites like Sutcliffe furniture meet in the middle with a versatile range to choose from.


Laura Morrissey is a writer for George F Knowles furniture. She is a native of Liverpool with an interest in high quality craftsmanship and traditional luxury furnishings.