How to Make Your Rental Home More ECO Friendly

The rental industry has changed dramatically over the past decade. As fears about global warming grow, people are starting to look at ways they can lower their carbon footprint. This has meant looking into ways to make the home more ECO friendly. It isn’t just global warming that’s contributed to a more energy efficient mind-set. As people struggle to afford the cost of everyday living, energy efficient appliances and upgrades to the home can help to save a lot of money each year.

So how can you make your rental home more ECO friendly? Below you’ll find some of the best tips.

Eliminating draughts

One thing you can do that will make a significant impact without breaking the bank is eliminate draughts from windows and doors. Did you know that around 20% of heat in the home is lost through the windows and doors?[1] The good news is there are quite a few ways you can minimise the heat lost in these areas.

Firstly you need to ensure that all of the windows are at least double glazed. If you do have a healthy budget then you could also look into upgrading to toughened glass windows. However, double-glazing is sufficient enough. Next check around the windows and doors. Are there any gaps? If so it would be a good idea to seal them. Draught excluders can be an excellent investment for the doors too.

Finally you can install curtain rails above the inside of the main door. This will allow your tenants to hang a curtain to cover the door; keeping a lot of heat inside.


Of course if you’re looking to make a massive difference, insulation is highly recommended. Both cavity wall and loft insulation can help to save your tenants hundreds of pounds. There is an excellent guide on the Which? website which shows exactly how much your tenants could save depending upon the type of property you own.

There are even schemes available now which offer free insulation. If your tenants are on specific benefits, you could be entitled to have both cavity wall and loft insulation installed absolutely free. It’s definitely something that’s worth looking into.

Have a programmable thermostat installed

Programmable thermostats are inexpensive and allow your tenants to control the temperature of the home. This will help them to lower their energy bills and take control over their energy use.

Invest in energy rated appliances

If you provide the appliances in the property, it’s worth checking to see that you have A+ rated models. If the appliances are fairly old, it would be a good idea to update them. All newer appliances are built with energy efficiency in mind.

These are just some of the ways you can make your home more energy efficient. No matter what your budget, there is always something you can do. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the most difference. If budget is something you’re concerned with, it could be worth enquiring about government grants. The government has set up a number of schemes to encourage homeowners to make energy efficient upgrades.

Overall, making your home more ECO friendly isn’t difficult. It also offers benefits to you as well as the tenants. If you make the effort to make the home more energy efficient, you’ll never struggle to find new tenants if the existing ones move on. You’ll also find it easier to sell the property if you want to later on. These days you need an energy efficiency report when you sell a home. The more energy efficient it is, the more likely it will sell.


Olly Sampson supplied this article. As owner of Bee Moved Removals, he has learnt a lot over the years on how people make their rental homes more eco-friendly.

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