The Art of Mixing Furniture Styles

Designing a room with furniture is not an easy task, especially if you are trying to combine multiple types and styles. One of the rules of interior design is that you need to find coherency and harmony when putting things together. However, in some cases it will be completely impossible to find equilibrium in a room; but it is still possible to create a truly unique and interesting style. You should be careful when mixing together different styles in order to avoid chaos and an uneven room design.

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Matching colors

Although it is better to stick to one color, and to use it as a piece to tie the whole room together, it is not always the best idea as it can make the room and overall design seem flat and uninteresting. Moreover, it is not always the best idea to mix together multiple wood finishes as it can throw the room’s design off-balance. Your main goal is to create a coherent harmony of colors, and to complement each other, and not to try and make a unicolor room. Be careful with mixing together colors with too much contrast, because if done badly, it will break off the harmony in the room.

Be careful with shape

Even though you can mix together different styles, it is important that you try to keep the shape the same, because it will give you a better sense of completion, and it will look a lot nicer and feel nicer too. Remember that too many different shapes in a room will only create chaos and it will make the whole room seem off. Moreover, a harmonious design will make the room more enjoyable, as it will be more pleasing to the eye, and you will be able to kick back and relax.

image 5Visual scaling

It is not all about measurements and sizes, rather, the room design is about properly scaling and using proportion to create the perfect fit for a room. Your main concern is to create a uniform scaling system and to center it all around one main piece, so that it all holds your room together nicely. Furthermore, because you are instilling balance, even if you mix together different styles, it will be more pleasing for anyone spending time in the room; and it also grants the furniture to be centered around something that they have in common.

Making it cozy

Achieving the perfect mix of furniture styles is also about the feel you will get at the end, and for some, that notion can be the driving force behind redesigning a room. Remember that carpets are also part of the furniture styles, and it is important to take carpeting into account when designing a room. Buying designer rugs online is a great way to save some money, and to find great deals. Installing carpeting properly can help you bring different furniture together and it can also make the room feel warmer and more welcoming.

Balance in everything

Whether you managed to combine everything by color, or by visual arrangement, it is important to think about balancing out your furniture. Combining dissimilar objects does not have to be something hard, as you can create a false sense of balance, which will make your different furniture styles blend in nicely.

On the other hand, this will give you freedom to mix and match furniture in a way that will allow you to express yourself uniquely and without a fear from misbalance or disharmony. After all, you are trying to create your own style when designing a room.

The art behind mixing furniture styles

Creating the perfect design is all about taking into account what your different furniture styles have to offer and finding a way that will complement them the most. Remember that using different visual cues will only help you in creating balance and harmony in almost every room. On the other hand, you should not be afraid to experiment and to combine elements which many would have you believe it is not going to work. Making a unique style is not easy, but in the end it will make you feel accomplished when you pull it off successfully.