Make the Most Out of Your Small Garden

With the rapid growth of population on this planet, the number of residential homes has also increased. Many people nowadays live in a limited space in apartment buildings, but there is still a lucky minority that managed to get themselves a nice house in the suburbs. However, even they do not have a lot of garden space that all of us secretly crave for. That is why modern architecture thought of few solutions to this problem, different constructions or creative ideas how to use your garden space the best way you can. Except nice walkway that you can easily set up, here are some other ideas for your backyard.


Barbecue Stall

Everybody loves that Sunday brunch on a summer day, roasting meat, drinking cold beverages  and enjoying the beautiful weather on your day off. Just as all of your family and friends come to the backyard, there is no room for a big barbecue stall, so you usually improvise with a small fold away one. But that is not the only solution. If you have trouble with limited space, the best thing would be to build a barbecue stall right against the house facade, and the wood for the fire can be stacked next to it, so that it does not take up too much space and that it is by your side whenever you need to add a bit to the fire. Another thing you should add to is in case the weather is troubling and you are not sure if it is going to rain and put the fire out, so you need to put a tarpaulin on the wall above the barbecue and protect it.

Outdoor Room

If you plan sunny Sunday brunches in your garden, you will need a place for everyone to sit to eat. That is why you need a beautiful construction in the center of your yard, a wooden gazebo, possibly surrounded by colorful flowers that you take such good care of all year long. It is better to build it round, with the same shaped table, as that way it will not take up too much space, but you can put more people than at the typical rectangular table.



Every house in a suburb should have a garage for your car and all the other things that do not belong to the house, but you are no really sure where to store. Nowadays in overpopulated areas people ride more bicycles than they used to and you do not want to keep it in your well designed home leaned against the wall – that way you can damage the paint, so you leave bicycles stacked up in the garden. Not only does it look messy, but it is also hard to protect them from natural elements that can come unexpected in the middle of the night and then you get unpleasantly surprised when you wake up. As conventional garages take up too much time and money to build it, the best replacement would be to set up a dome shelter. It is a steady and mobile construction, made of a strong material that will protect everything you want to keep outside safe from the natural elements.

Fight the modern way of living, where you spend your day shut inside the office walls where you arrive in your car. Get outside, use the privilege of having a backyard and use it well to spend quality time with your dearest, and replace the four wheels with a bicycle as it is not just healthier, but also more practical.