Everything you need to know if you’re planning a home renovation

Each home is different and unique in its own way and therefore each adaptation requires different planning measures. If you are planning to save energy by investing into energy efficient solutions you should contact an energy advisor. You can create an energy efficient home only by organizing a good plan with an expert. With proper insulation you can reduce hearing expenses and provide more comfort.


1) Write everything down

Walk around your home and determine every problem by writing everything down on a piece of paper. It is important make at least three levels of importance in order to find a starting point of your renovation project. Look for plaster cracks, paint errors, tile cracks, holes on the roof, insulation problems, leaking faucets, leaking water pipes, electrical problems and make these things your priority number one. The priority number two should be the aesthetics of your home which is a very important part of renovating.

2) Get informed

Before you start the project you need to ask yourself some questions. What results do you expect? What are the main problems? Where can you dramatically increase the comfort level? What safety measures do you require? It is important to find the documentation of your house and find out if you need any building permits if you are planning to change modify some rooms. If you are hiring some workers for a certain job you should discuss about their schedule plan.

3)  Consulting an energy advisor

Research shows that planning an energy renovation with and energy advisor is much more economical. It is better to find a reliable energy advisor than to hire a random one and that is why experts recommend patience and some research on satisfied homeowners. Sometimes people only look for an advisor because they need help with the legal issues and other formalities.

The fall came early this year and showed its characteristics with rain, freezing temperatures and lots of wind. This is the time of the year when most people notice weak points on their homes.

  1. Is every brick in its place?

Storms commonly cause problems and sometimes the damage requires complete roof renovations. Loose roof tiles should be replaced as soon as possible because water can cause serious damage to the interior. The roof provides comfort, prevents moisture and keeps all the electrical installation safe. While fixing the roof you can also pay some attention to your roof gutter. Make sure that the roof gutter is clean otherwise the water may overflow the gutter causing damage to the facade. If you have any dormer windows you should check if they allow any water access the attic.

  1. Check the facade

You shouldn’t allow any hydration during the cold months which means that you have to look for cracks and fill them with water-proof plaster. Otherwise a small crack can cause optical defects and some serious damage due to moisture and frost. Ice tends to cause pressure inside the walls during the cold days and thus increase size of a crack.

  1. Check the soil around the house

Water pipes and fountains in the backyard should be emptied in order to prevent any damage caused by the formation of ice. You should also take care of the leaves in order to prevent slipping accidents.

  1. Check the heating system

Although summer is actually the best time for heating maintenance it is never too late to check the heating system. The main things you should focus on is the pressure inside of the pipes and the boiler itself. After that you should pay some attention to the valves, thermostats and radiators. By ensuring the working order of the heating system you will prevent the energy leakage, save money and lower your carbon footprint to the minimum.

Before you start renovations you will probably want to get rid of stuff you don’t need of some broken stuff from the attic. In order to throw out old furniture and stuff you don’t need you can use waste removal services. This way you can easily start renovating your garage and your basement which became storage units over years. You can also renovate your attic and store only thing you use periodically and during holidays.