7 Ideas To Add Flowers In Your Home Interior Design

Do you think your home needs revamping or change of interior design? You can do so just by adding some flowers that work like wonder. Flowers add elegance and an exceptional beauty in a home interior design and set up mood for your home as well.

Roses, Lilly, sunflower, marigold, tulips and many more flowers are used for celebration, party and wedding etc. but making them an eternal part of your home design transforms it to a heavenly place on earth.

Here we bring you few ideas to add flowers in your home interior design.

  1. French Balcony


You must be inspired of those French balconies having a range of colorful flowers hanging over the railing and adding timeless appeal to your home. You can make your home balconies look like French balconies by adding few flowers in different colors that you can grow there. You can also grow a balcony garden for your bedroom; it offers nice view in morning and makes it feel romantic in night.

  1. Indoor Flower Garden

You will love the idea of adding an indoor flower garden to your home interior. Decide a small corner you want to remodel and place vases of different sizes there where you can grow flowers or some spices useful for your kitchen. A garden under the staircase or that with kitchen wall adds positivity in a home environment. A Hydroponic gardens is good to grow vegetable in a small space or you can design a container garden to avoid hassle.

  1. Italian Flower Interior

An Italian inspired home interior is done with small bushes, herbs and shrubs with tiny flowers on them. Some withered flowers can be used to add rustic feel for Tuscan interior design. Flowers are also used to create Italian Rococo interior design and Italian Baroque interior design that have marked history for their eternal beauty. In Italy, flowers are loved to make even small homes look great and that you can add too to transform your small home into a paradise on earth.

  1. Fake Flowers Interior Design

Not always it is possible to add real flowers, you can create the spell with fake flowers that are being designed just like the real ones. Placing them at foyer of your home, in balconies, room corner and kitchen makes the entire home more vibrant and eye popping. Many interior design companies provide interior design done with fake flowers as they can stay for longer and are washable to look like new.

  1. Flower Wall

Make a wall of your home reserved for flower décor. There you can place variety of flowers in different colors, odor and shapes that add life into your home. A flower wall can be created in living area or drawing room to make them feel artistic for guests. You can match flower colors to your home interior design theme as well. A red roses’ wall looks great with white walls, a pink flowers wall adds grace in a blue room and a multihued captures eyes in a big hallway.

  1. Japanese Flower Interior Art

Japan is known to have a big variety of flowers in soft and contrasting colors that are loved worldwide for their uniqueness and charm. Japanese flowers like Pink Moss, Wisteria, Hydrangea, Lavender and Cherry Blossoms are used for home interior design to add elegance and luxury feel. Ikebana is used for floral art in home. They make entire home smell pleasant and make air pure and refreshing to breathe. Japanese flower interior art is very interesting to design any dull or boring space into a fairyland like place.

  1. Tulips Interior Design

You may have seen the famous Keukenhof Park in Netherlands; the loving tulips attract millions of visitors every year. So why not to add these breathtaking flowers in your home interior design? Tulips are available in all hues that you can fit in your home interior theme. A basket with colorful tulips on table, some fully submerged in water in a small vase and those hanging with ceiling in beautiful decorative pitcher make your home spirited and peppy. White, pink and lavender tulip are widely loved for their eternal beauty.

Adding flowers in a home interior not only makes your home beautiful but soul and mind relaxing as well. Crux Interiors, the interior design company in Dubai offers a wide range of ideas to make your home enchanting.