Picking the Perfect Area Rug

Area rugs have many different functions. First of them is to give the place some design and esthetic value. Another thing is to emphasize a certain part of the room or to visually separate it from the rest of it. The last, but not the least is the simple warmth that it gives to you while you walk on it without completely covering the floor. They are a good choice if you have lovely wooden floors that you want to keep visible but you still need tome warmth on your feet during winter months. Here is a simple checklist about what you need to look for when picking the area rug.

image 1 (2)Design

Some of the interior designers will definitely say that if you have a rug that you want and like so much that you want to buy it, you should buy it and then plan all the other furniture and colors around it. If you have a toned down and muted design in the room, it gives you a lot of designer’s space to have an accented area rug that will make it more exciting and fun and that will make your room interesting. Bright colors and bold patters are definitely allowed in these situations and you should have fun with them.


Cheap area rug won’t last long and it will soon be just as you don’t have one at all. On the other hand, it is only natural that you don’t want to overpay anything. Some people will tell you that and somewhere above the average area rug should cost as much as your living room sofa does. Do a free estimate of that amount and then add some 10-15% to it. This will give you the general idea about how much you should spend and how to do it without overpaying, but it will still keep you covered if your heart wants something a bit pricier.

image 2 (2)Shape and Size

There is a very interesting design theory about the size of the area rug. First, you should measure up all the walls in the room. Then see which one of those walls is the shortest. Express that length in feet and then subtract two feet. That is the ideal length of the area rug for your room if you are trying to find the area rug that will be covering the entire room. If you are trying to find a rug for your hall, then you should leave the entire space in which the doors are opened clear and start measuring from there. Then, you should leave at least six inches at all sides and that is the dimension of your hall rug.


There are so many materials that can be used to make rugs. Jute, silk, wool, sisal and even grass. All of them have their good sides and the bad sides. However, if you want a durable, nice and soft rug that feels amazing under your bare feet, then you should definitely look for wool and silk rugs. They have a very nice touch to them, they are not that hard to maintain and they have the natural feeling about them that never gets old – not even when the rug does.

The only question that remains now is where to purchase this rug that you already have in mind. There are specialized shops that sell only different kinds of rugs and they definitely have a good choice. You can also check some furniture shops as they will have them as well. However, don’t hesitate to buy rugs online as those sites have a very thorough search option that will save you tons of time.