5 Questions to Ask New Home Builders Before You Buy

When you’re looking at new modern homes, take your search a step further by interviewing the new home builders behind their construction. The questions that you ask will help you gain some extra insight that your real estate agent may not know about the homes that you like. The answers will help narrow down your choices and give you assurance in your final decision.

Designed by Reworks Architecture
Designed by Reworks Architecture

Why Even Ask?

The home buying process usually involves looking at houses, choosing one that you like, making an offer and then filling out massive amounts of paperwork before you receive the keys. Interviewing a builder gives you more insight about the firm’s experience, practices, values and expertise. The purchase of a home is one of the biggest investments that you’ll make in your life, so you don’t want to feel any remorse about your decision after you’re unpacked and settled.

Questions to Ask New Home Builders

  1. Is single-family residential construction your specialty? Where are some of your other projects?A single-family residence is a traditional house, while a multi-family residence is a complex for multiple tenants, like an apartment. Each housing style has its respective building codes, standards and practices, and experienced new home builders are intimately familiar with them. An established builder who specializes in the construction of homes can happily tell you about neighborhoods that were past projects.
  2. Does the new modern home come with a warranty?It’s common for new homes to come with a warranty. Ask about the details of the warranty, what it covers, the deductibles and when the warranty expires. In addition, ask if any of the appliances come with their own separate manufacturer’s warranties.
  3. What is your quality control process?In addition to looking great and accommodating your lifestyle, home safety should be at the top of your list of priorities. New home builders who are confident about the quality of their homes won’t hesitate to explain the building process,inspections and safety measures taken to ensure the structural integrity of the building and wellbeing of the future homeowners.
  4. What kind of sustainable, earth-friendly and energy-saving features did you add to the home?Many home builders follow green building standards to a degree, which can help keep your maintenance costs lower, reduce your energy consumption and keep your family safe from toxins and pollutants.
  5. Can you give me some references?A builder who can’t or won’t give you references has something to hide. One who stands behind his firm’s work is more than happy to provide you with references and the names of homeowners.

Benefits of New Modern Homes

  • Cost: Today’s new modern homes offer cost savings over those that homeowners resell on the market. While the initial expense of a new home may be more, the materials, energy-saving appliances and green features built into the home can make it significantly less expensive to maintain and operate.
  • Open floor plan: One of the essential design elements of a modern home is an open floor plan. This design makes a space more functionaland helps a home feel bigger.
  • Adaptability:Flipping is out and growing old in a home is in. Today’s new homes accommodate the desires of homeowners who plan to live in the dwelling long-term.

By interviewing new home builders, you can receive inside information that will increase your confidence in the purchase that you make. 

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