Stylish and Functional Living Space for Couples

Once you’ve found a person you want to share the rest of your life with, your better half, if you will, before you start a family, you have to find a living space functional, but stylish enough to satisfy all your familiar needs. Of course you want it to be as big as possible, but that is usually a problem, because of the money you need to be involved in the transaction. So, to be reasonable, but still get the best you can for the least you pay, you two first need to sit down with the idea and think it through.

Refresh Your Living Room

First things first, you have to decide if you want it to be a new house or an apartment, to begin with. The best choice these days is an apartment, since it can be located closer to the city and to where the rest of your friends live. Also, it costs less, since, for example, just keeping your home clean if you live in an apartment is much easier and needs less work than keeping a house clean with the backyard and the front lawn and what not.

An ideal home for your needs should have a living room, which does not even have to be too big. A bathroom, both the toilet and the bath tub in one room is an option. And two comfortable bedrooms, for you and the soon-to-be-coming children. Your bedroom hopefully needs just one large bed, and the children’s room can even be used as a workstation, while you still have no kids, if you have a job that can be done well from home.

While we’re talking about bedrooms, it’s always good to mention bedroom gallery as an option. More and more people find this type of home organization rather convenient and ideal for their needs, so you may want to look into that.

The living room does not have to be large, as mentioned, to be the envy of all of your friends. It just needs some taste when arranging the interior. Even if you don’t have taste for interior arrangement, you can ask a professional interior decorator for advice, but be prepared since taste costs money. It is well known that leather furniture looks way better and more tasteful in a room, however it is arranged, but you also need to earn for a really nice living for it to be a choice, when picking your couch or chairs for your friends to enjoy sitting in.

Modern Kitchen 1

The bathroom technically just needs to be a small closed space, with the toilet bowl and something to take showers in. Shower cabins are ideal, since bathtubs take up a lot of unnecessary space, which can be used to make other rooms bigger and more comfy, or just to lower the cost of the apartment.

And last but not least, the kids bed room. Once again, no need for this room to be too big, since the kids will only sleep there, playing during the day outside or in the living room. Also, while using this room for your work, you sit in a chair, at a desk, near a window, not moving much.

Author:Sophie Andersen is a interior designer. She works on new home solutions in Sydney. Love to share her tips&tricks about home decoration.