Top Six Types of Sleeper Sofas that Can Give a New Look to Your Living Room

When it comes to buying furniture for the living room a lot of people prefer to buy sleeper sofas. This is because this contemporary piece combines two pieces of furniture; a sofa and a bed that can easily be folded and hidden away when it is not required. Sleeper sofas are not only functional and can fit into small spaces, but choosing the right one can give your living room that trendy look you desire. Sleepers also come in very handy in the event of unexpected guests or when you have more people to accommodate with the limited number of beds at your place. Hence it’s no surprise that many people are buying sleeper sofas for their homes nowadays.

sleeper sofaThere are a number of sleeper sofas available in the market and you can choose any one of them for your living room, depending on your requirement and your budget. Although there are several brands in the market that make sleepers, but before you go out to buy one what you need to decide is, what size you want for your living room. The size you buy depends on how many people you usually have to seat in your living room and how much space there is to accommodate a sleeper sofa. There are several different sizes you can choose from and these include Chair or Cot, Full, Queen, Loveseat or Twin, True Sectional and Chaise Sectional. Listed below are the top six types of sleeper sofas for your living rooms.

  1. Chair or Cot Sleepers are great for tight spaces such as smaller apartments or condos. They are suitable for a single person and also come at a very affordable price. They are available in a variety of sizes and brands and you can get leather or fabric upholstery for them; whatever you think best suits your living room.
  2. Next up is the Full Sleeper which starts as small as 67 inches and is perfect for sleeping two people. The Full Sleepers is also preferred when you need to fit a sofa in a small space. Not only will this sleeper sofa be just what you needed when you have a tight budget but it will also give your home a wonderful new look.
  3. If you have enough space and can afford to buy something that is both beautiful and comfortable, then go for Queen Sofas. They are perfect for seating at least three people and can sleep two people. They can be bought either with fabric or leather upholstery and they maybe exactly what you need to give your home an attractive look.
  4. Loveseat or Twin Sleepers are comfortable pieces that can seat two people and accommodate the sleeping arrangement for a single person. There is a variety of brands that produce Loveseats for the market; some popular ones include Stanton, Savvy and Fairmont. They are very affordable and can give a trendy look to your home.
  5. People, who have a lot of space in their living rooms and need to seat five to seven people comfortably in their living rooms, should opt for the True Sectional Sleepers. Not only have they enough sitting space for your guests and family but they also come with either a full or queen mattress and can sleep a maximum of two people.
  6. Chaise Sectional Sleepers are smaller than the True Sectional Sleepers and can seat three to four people but they can also sleep two people and are available in Stanton, Natuzzi and Savvy brands. Depending on your requirement you can get a full or a queen mattress for them and enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep in your beautiful sleeper sofa.

When you have chosen one of these top six choices, what you need to do next is decide what type of fabric or leather upholstery will go best with the rest of your living room furniture. You can match the fabric of your sleeper sofa with the chairs or curtains at your place or if you already have leather couch in your living room, then getting a leather sleeper sofa maybe the best option for you. There are so many choices customers have when it comes to buying the perfect sleeper sofas. When you go out to buy one for your own place, you can not only get the upholstery of your required material and color but also pick whatever style suits your living room the best and make it an attractive place to come home to everyday.

This highly informative article about sleepers in Seattle is written by Carol Walden, who is an interior designer and considered one of the best in the industry. She has spent years working as a consultant, helping people make their homes a beautiful and comfortable place to live in.