The Latest Technological Advancements In Power Tools

The level of efficiency and accuracy required in the construction industry is undoubtedly high. In response to such demands, major technological advancements have been witnessed in power tools all with the aim of making construction and repairs much easier for both professionals and amateurs. The following read provides detailed information on the latest technological advancements in power tools.

Advanced Batteries

When cordless power tools were introduced on the market, most constructors breathed a sigh of relief. They no longer had to deal with cords that limited their mobility. However, with time, it all became quite clear that having cordless power tools without long lasting batteries was much like fighting a losing battle. Years down the line, lithium ion batteries have been introduced on to the market offering what seems like the ultimate solution. With the ability to charge faster and last longer, these lithium ion batteries are bound to revolutionize the construction industry as we see it.

High Power Pneumatic Tools

Did you ever wish you could drive nails in to any type of wood and be assured of a consistent flush nailing whenever you are you using your power tool? Well, all thanks to the high power pneumatic tools technology, all this can be made possible. Operating at a much higher PSI; guns, nails and compressors now provide their users maximum efficiency and ease when used. Materials such as OSB, glu-glams and large LVL which have been a major headache in the past no longer pose any problems all courtesy of the high power pneumatic tools.

Brushless Motors

Replacing the carbon brushes in power tools, the new and advanced brushless motor is receiving quite a lot of attention. Not only does this technology promote the durability of power tools but it also calls for less maintenance. Using a computer circuitry in place of a commutator, stationary electromagnets and mobile conventional magnets, the brushless motor technology could be one of the best technological advancements of the century. This is because brushless motors are able to generate more power than brushed motors, a feature that is quite crucial for the cordless power tools. With brushless motors, cordless power tools can perform tougher tasks.

Smaller and Light

While the present power tools may be small and light, there is always room for improvement. The latest technological advancements in power tools include much smaller and lighter electric hand tools and sanders. The small size and weight makes it possible for constructors to get the exact results they are after. In addition, smaller lighter tools means less energy and more accuracy.

Smart Tools

More and more companies are including tiny circuit boards in power tools with the aim of managing battery power output which will protected the tools motor. Given that power tools tend to burn up in case of an overload, adding an internal protection is quite necessary.

As much as we would all like to be self-sufficient, there is no arguing that power tools make work a lot easier. Plus, with the recent technological advancements it is clear that the construction industry has gained many benefits. So whether you are looking to renovate a room or just put up a tree house, be sure to have these technological advancements in mind.

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