How to Install Kitchen Cabinets

Installation of kitchen cabinets is easy if you know how to use woodworking tools even if you do not have them with you. Though anyone can install kitchen cabinets easily if they have leveled floors, squared up corners and flat walls, this situation is very rarely found. So installing kitchen cabinets can become a difficult job however if you follow the steps below you will be in a position to install them correctly.

kitchen cabinets

Installing kitchen cabinets

First of all before installing kitchen cabinets you should check the corners, walls and floor for their flatness and straightness whilst planning to install them. You should also plan for other fittings like plumbing, electrical and appliances after removing the faults in the floor, corners and walls. Make a rough sketch of lights and water supply and the drains before starting the installation process.

Second step in this regards is marking reference lines using a levelling instrument approximately 4 feet above the floor level by marking the height at several points. If there is any differences in height, due to any uneven floors, you should mark it up.

Now mark the height of your cabinets directly under the highest point of the floor which will be the top point of your base cabinet. A level layout line has to be drawn on the wall from that mark at the top of the base cabinets.

Now about 18 inches from the top level of the base cabinet, mark a base line of upper cabinets. The next step will be to mark the location of the studs on both the layout lines.

Before joining both the cabinets remove their drawers, doors and removable shelves to make the installation easier. Mark every removed part suitably to avoid inconvenience later on whilst replacing them. Under and alongside the layout line of the upper cabinet fix a 1×3 cleats straight with the help of 2″ screws. Now fix more cleats along the line. Set and clamp upper and lower cabinets in a way so that they can be used without any hindrance. Now drill holes through the face frame both at the bottom and top and install the lower cabinet tightly with the help of 2″ screws.

While you install upper cabinets you will need one or two helpers to lift it up and put it along the cleats. Check the straightness of the upper cabinet with your levelling instrument. Now you can install the upper cabinets into the studs with the help of 2½ inch screws on its back, bottom and top.

After installing upper and lower cabinets you have to install corner base cabinets. Put the corner cabinet into its position near the wall and shim it up if there is any unevenness in the floor. Plumb the corner cabinet along the layout line. After aligning the corner cabinet you have to drill holes on the back and the bottom. If it is not plumb then insert shims between the bottom of the cabinet and the floor. The top of the corner cabinets and other lower cabinets must be on the same level.

Thus you can install your kitchen cabinets successfully.

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