Four Things You Should Have In Your Survival Kit

An emergency survival kit can come in handy if you get stuck while camping, hiking or even if your car runs out of gas on a desolate road. Keeping a well-stocked survival kit in your home is also beneficial in case of a long term power outage or natural disaster. You can’t really be too prepared when it comes to your safety, so make sure these four items find their way into your survival kit or survival kits if you have more than one.

1. A Whistle

Getting stuck somewhere where nobody is around can seem like a real nightmare. While your first instinct might be to yell for help, you can only do that for so long until you get hoarse. You’ll also need to save your energy. Having a whistle in your survival kit is essential since it can be heard from a greater distance than your voice, and using it won’t make you tired or hoarse like screaming will.

2. Waterproof Matches

It should be obvious that you need some source of fire in your survival kit. A butane lighter is an extra tool that you might consider carrying with you, but butane can evaporate overtime or discharge without you knowing it, leaving you without fire. Waterproof matches are essential for a survival kit because they’re small and effective. Keep waterproof matches in a small bag and make sure you have something like a piece of sandpaper in your kit to strike the matches against.

3. Sharp Knife or Razor Blade

You never know what you might need in your survival kit if you’re stuck in unforgiving terrain. For that reason, a sharp knife or razor blade with a handle is something you absolutely need in your kit. With a sharp knife or razor blade, you’ll be able to cut through a variety of materials.

4. Food

Keeping survival food storage is essential since you never know how long you’ll need to rely on your survival kit in the case of an emergency. When looking for food for your survival kit, you want to focus on foods that are full of protein and complex carbohydrates that will give you plenty of energy. Items like canned black beans, chicken and tuna are ideal for a survival kit. Try to keep at least a two to three day supply of food in your storage kit but it never hurt anyone to have long term food for yourself.