Five Things You Should Include While Your Landscaping Your Yard

Landscaping your yard isn’t difficult, but it does require more planning than simply placing a tree here, a couple of shrubs there and a few flowers in the corner of the yard. You’ll need to take some time to think about the statement you want to make and how you’ll deal with the inevitable landscaping problems that crop up. There are five things you should consider including in your landscape.


A healthy lawn

A landscape with a perfectly designed layout of grass, trees and flowers won’t turn heads if the lawn itself is dying. A healthy lawn is one in which the grass seed works well in the climate and conditions in which it’s planted. A seed variety that you saw once and liked or one that was recommended by your brother-in-law who lives on the other side of the country likely won’t thrive in your soil and weather conditions.

A well-cared-for lawn

Even if the variety of grass seed you’ve planted is perfect for your area, it will suffer if you don’t care for it properly. A healthy lawn should be aerated regularly. It’s also a good idea to leave the clippings behind whenever you cut your grass to provide necessary nutrients for the soil. Water your lawn once a week rather than daily, making sure it gets an inch of water. The roots will grow deeper and more easily tolerate hot, dry conditions.

Judiciously planted trees

Trees play an essential role in any home landscape. Trees already planted in the yard impact the selection and choice of grasses, shrubs and plants. However, if you’re working with a clean canvas, so to speak, you’ll have the opportunity to plan the best way to landscape your yard using trees. Remember that you’re making a long-term investment. It’s essential that you consider the tree’s eventual height and root system needs before you decide where to locate the sapling. Also remember that some trees offer spectacular spring flowers or fall foliage then drop messy seeds or blooms you’ll have to deal with for weeks.

An inviting garden

Long, rectangular flower beds featuring one or two variety of flowers that bloom for only a few weeks are a memory of the distant past. Today home landscapes feature beds that incorporate the style and materials used in your home’s exterior. Plants native to the area also are an important part of a landscape plan. Many gardeners plan for three-season gardens that incorporate blooms on a continuing basis from early spring through late fall.

Lighting for atmosphere and security

Outdoor lighting just doesn’t enhance the atmosphere you want when you’re entertaining on warm evenings. Lighting also provides safety for your guests as well as your family after dark and helps increase the overall security of your property. A home security company such as Fayetteville NC Vivint home security and automation can help you determine the best ways to incorporate security lighting unobtrusively into your landscape. When you also sign up with a home security company such as Vivint, you get those signs that you can stick in your yard and window that will make thieves think twice about breaking into your home.