Five Spook-tacular Halloween Ideas for Your Garden

The season of ghouls, spirits and pumpkins is just around the corner. And if you have kids in the house, you know how important the Halloween season is.

Children are primarily the reason why we get out of our busy days and decorate for any occasion. Halloween is one of those annual events that kids love since they get to dress up and receive candy in return. With the first sign of a pumpkin being carved, they already get all giddy and excited.

So if you have kids, here are some great ideas to decorate your lawn for this coming Halloween:

1.      Pumpkinize – No Halloween is complete without these orange staples. Pumpkins have long been a symbol of this event, and it is a must that you have one. You can add a little twist: instead of just carving up one, you can put a candle inside the pumpkin. The glow from the candle inside the pumpkin casts an eerie feeling and gives the orange fellow a different feel altogether. If you can’t carve one, there are also plastic imitations available in the malls and various stores.

2.      Hang it – If you have trees on your garden, utilize this as part of the décor. You can hang anything from a tree—say, an old dress which you can splatter with red paint, thereby making it look like a ghost is out to get anyone who trespasses. Another cool idea is to hang faux bats, as their little beady eyes can give that creepy feeling to anyone who looks up.

3.      Add webs– Cobwebs make new things look old and haunted. You can string up webs all around your patio to add a spookier flavor, as well as to keep little ghouls from snatching some candy. These cobwebs are easy to use and to clean up, so you do not have to worry about getting a vacuum out after the season is over.

4.      Witch is which – Another Halloween staple is the witch, but you cannot just find any witch out there willing to stand on your garden for hours to spook little critters away. A great work around for this is to use an old pair of leather boots, an old broom, and the good ol’ pointed hat. You can prop up these items against a tree to make it look like a witch resides in your house.

5.      Candles – Make use of candles to cast that eerie feel around your garden. Turn off all other lights and make it seem like there is something that will get the little kids from out of the dark.

Truthfully, Halloween is as much as for kids as it is for adults. Since you’re already taking the time to prepare for this event, you might as well enjoy what you have worked hard for. So how do you plan to decorate your garden? Share it through a comment below!

Pierre Angela Cruz is a Marketing Consultant for Open Brook, an excellent source of information and reviews about outdoor, garden and patio furniture. Follow her on twitter @cruisepyer.