Personalizing Your Bedroom: Express Yourself

Your bedroom is your personal space where you are free to express yourself in a unique way. There are many opportunities to let your personality shine through the way you decorate and design your bedroom. From traditional or shabby chic bedroom decor to modern and fun design ideas, your bedroom can be your sanctuary from the rest of the world. Here are some ways to give your bedroom personality through smart interior design.

Choose Your Bedroom Theme

Before you begin the design of your bedroom space, take the time to consider what the theme of your room should be. Think about what you like to do in your bedroom, what kind of environment you want to create for yourself, and how you want your room to function.

Then start browsing through bedroom design shops to gather ideas for themes that fit your personality and style. For the young at heart, a bedroom that includes modern and fun elements in mix-and-match accessories may be a good option. For a romantic theme bedroom, the use of rich fabrics and colors along with soft lighting will provide an inviting bedroom experience.

Pick Your Favorite Colors

When it comes to the design of your bedroom, the sky is the limit in terms of the colors you choose for walls and bedroom elements. Start by visiting a home improvement store and looking at the full range of colors and coordinating shades you may incorporate into your bedroom. Each person is drawn towards a specific color scheme, so pick out several samples that you like to try out at home.

Be sure to paint a small section of a wall in your bedroom to make sure you have the shade that appeals to you, because colors can look unique in different light. You will also want to decide what colors you want in bedding, curtains, and furniture items- so your bedroom has a pulled together look you will be happy with.

Select the Right Bedroom Furnishings

A big part of designing a more personalized bedroom is choosing bedroom furniture and accessories that work well with your lifestyle. This can be as simple as creating more storage areas in your bedroom to hold clothing, shoes, and jewelry if you happen to be someone who collects these things. Or it may be about your environmental comfort needs when sleeping, if you like a large bed and plenty of simplicity around you to relax.

When selecting bedroom furnishings, keep quality of materials and adaptability in mind as you will likely change your bedroom style over the years. Many bedroom furnishings can be re-purposed as your mood changes, so look for pieces that can be used for different reasons.

Add Personal Touches to Your Bedroom

When you design your bedroom, take the time to add your personal touches to let others know this is your territory. Try including your favorite artwork on walls, plenty of photo frames of you doing the activities you love, or a fun quilt made from printed photo squares. You can even add a recording of yourself to greet guests or a digital sign to your bedroom door to warn people to “stay out”. As you give your bedroom a make-over, have fun and think of the little touches that will make it all about who you are.

About the Author: Elena Morgan is excited to have just personalized her own bedroom with a great deal on online modern bedding. She loves cuddling with her two beautiful dogs.