Top 4 Best Air Fryer Review – Your Oil Free Fryer to Tasty Oily Food

From juicing to yoga to consuming only organic products, it is all about healthy living nowadays. People are getting more and more health conscious and are cautious in their daily food consumption. However, one key ingredient that is almost unavoidable in all food is “oil” and sadly, most food that are tasty have considerable oil in them (think fried chicken, fries and nuggets).

With widely published knowledge that oil, being the one common ingredient found in fatty food, is the cause for artery clogging which in turn leads to high blood pressure and heart diseases, health conscious people would stay away from oily fatty food. Does this mean one is to compromise tasty oily food forever? How about if you are told you can now eat healthy “oily” food that has very little to no oil without compromising the taste? With an air fryer at your kitchen top, you can achieve just exactly that.

How does it work?

A normal deep fryer is the most common home appliance for one to fry food and it requires at least a few cups of oil. On the short run, it appears to be the less expensive option especially when compared to the air fryer. However, aside from being the much less healthy option with the large amount of oil used, the deep fryer will always leave your kitchen a strong frying smell, not to mention wastage of oil or even worse, the reusing of oil which is definitely health-damaging.

The Air Fryer eliminates all the above concern and it provides you with a revolutionary way to cook your favorite food. It does more than just fry – it can bake, grill or roast. The distinguishing feature is that it requires very little to no oil for whatever option you choose by using what it known as the ‘Rapid Air technology” to fry food. Air is heated to a certain degree and it will be circulated in the cooking basket to ensure an even distribution across food so that they can be cooked thoroughly.

As little to no oil is required, essentially there will be no frying smell left in your kitchen as the deep fryer does. One no longer needs to be stuck in the dilemma of whether to dump out used oil (wastage) or store it to be reused next time (unhealthy option). So in the long run, the air fryer is not only a more healthy option but an economical investment to your health and kitchen as well.

  • The Philips HD9220/26 Air Fryer

Undoubtedly one of the most well-known brands for air fryer, this appliance uses the Rapid Air Technology to cook/fry food using circulated heated air with minimal to no oil required. Air is heated and circulated within the cooking compartment in 360 degrees to ensure food is cooked completely and evenly. As with all Philips Air fryer, the bottom of this appliance is in a unique starfish design which promotes a more even circulation of heated air. This air fryer is user-friendly and it comes with a recipe book as well as a downloadable Philips Air fryer app which provide guidance and support to its users. Compact and easy to clean, this air fryer certainly does have a huge following for those who are health-conscious yet cannot resist delicious fried food.

  • The Avalon Bay AB-Air fryer 100B

Like with most air fryers, this AB-Air fryer 100B utilize the Rapid Air Circulation Technology to cook/fry food with little to no oil required. Comes with pre-set functions, you can set the best cooking temperature for your recipe and go about doing your other chores while food is cooked as there is an automatic turn off feature which ensure your food is not overcooked. You will be notified by a “ding” sound when your food is ready. The mesh metal basket is another feature of this air fryer which produce extra crispy results for fried food.

  • The Black & Decker HF100WD Purifry 2-Litre Air fryer

The most stand-out feature of this Black & Decker Air fryer is its Dual Fan Convection Technology, a built in dual fan air circulation system which, when combine with heated air, cook food quicker and more evenly. Its 2-litre capacity means it is also bigger in size compare to other brand models, though still compact enough to fit on any kitchen top and for easy storage. You also get a longer timer (60 minutes) compare to the usual 30-minute most air fryers come with and similarly, you get an auto-off once cooking is complete. The Black & Decker HF100WD Air fryer is a strong contender for best air fryer in the market.

  • The Go WISE USA GW22611 Air fryer

This air fryer comes with an in-built pre-set of 8 options which give you a wide selection from frying, grilling, roasting or even baking to a mere warm-up function. Even with no cooking experience, you will be able to produce tasty food with these built-in preset options. ETL certified, you can be assured that the Go WISE USA meets applicable published safety standard including all standards regarding electro-magnetic fields after being independently tested.

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